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By   |  November 11, 2013
The last few weeks have been so full and have gone by so fast I’m only now able to pause and reflect on what I’ve learned and experienced! It’s hard to believe it’s almost been two weeks now since I went to the AND Conference in Granger Indiana.

Life, Money & Hope Final

By   |  September 27, 2011
My harddrive crashed again! So I'm afraid this weeks sermon went with it...there is a link on the "Sermons" page to the Dave Ramsey message given at Life Church.

Life, Money & Hope

  |  September 19, 2011
Below are the Sermon Series Notes From Septemeber 11 & 18th

Lesson's Learned and Hearts Softened

By   |  September 9, 2011
I'm providing the Sermonette on WTTF radio this week so I thought I's share what I'm saying on the radio here. If you'd like to listen it is 1600 AM on your radio dial.
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Why We Do, What We Do

By   |  August 28, 2011
It’s hard to believe it’s almost September again! Fall is my favorite season but as fast as time is going by these days it will be gone before we know it.
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Who do you say I am?

By   |  August 17, 2011
Matthew 16:13-20 may be one of the most well-known and hotly debated passages from the Bible. Hotly debated not for who Christ is, but who Christ says Peter is!

Joseph and Big Brother

By   |  August 10, 2011
While reading the scriptures for today I couldn’t help but think bad of Joseph for buying the peoples livestock and then land in exchange for grain. Genesis 47:21 and Joseph reduced the people to servitude, from one end of Egypt to the other.

Dispensationalism and love

By   |  August 2, 2011
The fact that God has dealt differently with people throughout the ages is obvious to even the casual reader of scripture. Yet the common theme throughout history has been God’s love and mercy. The Psalms may be the most obvious references of God’s desire to show us His mercy, if we would only turn to Him and receive it!
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Wondering Wanderings

By   |  July 21, 2011
I had an interesting day and a nice drive this week. I went to visit someone at the Cleveland Clinic who had been held several days past what had been anticipated...Well I missed my exit off of I-90 and had to turn around and wander through Cleveland. My cell phone kept shutting off from the heat and I was using it as my GPS! Long story short we got there a bit later than I had intended and sure enough they had just left…
Keywords: romans 8:26, romans 8:28  |   4 comments

I 'll Get Right With God Later

By   |  July 14, 2011
“I’ll come to church when I get right with God” and “I better start doing some good to make up for all the bad I’ve done if I want to get to Heaven” are just two examples I have personally heard from people who misunderstand what the Bible teaches.

Masterpiece in the Making

By   |  July 7, 2011
Now I know in my own heart, I cannot love my neighbor without first loving God…in fact it is only in obedience to God and His commandment that I’m able to truly love others! I’ve got the loving myself part down…it’s the loving my neighbor part that I struggle with!
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Called From Death

By   |  April 6, 2011
The Gospel reading for this coming Sunday is another long one! I’ve unknowingly ran over the last three Sundays and I wonder if I’ll end up doing it again? It started with Nicodemus and then the Woman at the Well, last week’s reading of the man born blind was even longer than the previous two…this Sunday’s Reading is long as well! Couple that with a long O.T. Reading and think I need to cut something…
Keywords: john 11:1-45  |   13 comments

Living Water

By   |  March 28, 2011
I feel as if there is a depth here in this encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well that I haven’t reached yet. In the Sermon on Sunday I touched on the contrasts between this encounter in Samaria and the previous weeks encounter in Jerusalem with Nicodemus.
Keywords: john 3:1-17, john 4:5-42  |   4 comments

Seeking the Kingdom

By   |  March 19, 2011
While all of this was going on I’m trying to prepare for Sunday. John 3:1-17 is chock full of verses with lots of depth to them. Max Lucado wrote a whole book on just John 3:16! I’ve preached on this passage before so I don’t want to repeat myself…but I would be remiss if I didn’t follow an exegesis of Nicodemus and Jesus to some extent.
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By   |  March 12, 2011
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog…sorry. I really am a creature of habit; they are so easy to break and so hard to establish.

What About? ...It's Complicated Series Summary

By   |  October 16, 2010
In an effort to provide the scriptural references used during the sermon series What About? ...It’s Complicated! Below is a list of the questions with at least the scriptures I used during the sermon.

The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

By   |  September 25, 2010
Once again I led the Bible Study at the Kiwanis Manor in Tiffin on Tuesday of this week. So I thought I would just share some of the things we covered.
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Facebook Christians

By   |  September 9, 2010
I started a Facebook page a couple of years ago and the first thing it did was ask all of these questions about me:
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Real Faith

By   |  August 26, 2010
I went to a zoning meeting on Monday evening. It was to allow a halfway house to be placed in an old home that had already been zoned as a group home only now the home was to house people convicted of felonies.
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Longing For a Better Country?

By   |  August 4, 2010
I don’t know why but ever since I read the scriptures Monday morning as a part of my devotional time this phrase has been nagging at me.
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The Story of a Fool

By   |  July 30, 2010
I though I would share with you a Bible Study I lead at the Kiwanis Manor this week. Luke 12:13-21 "Man, who appointed me a judge or an arbiter between you?"
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Something About the Order

By   |  July 22, 2010
Last week I preached a message proclaiming that there is one thing above all other things that we as Christ followers ought to be concerned about…Jesus Christ and Him crucified for my (your) sins…first, foremost above all else. Other things may be nice, other things may be important, other things may demand our attention, but this one thing must be held closest to our hearts above all else!
Keywords: luke 11:1-13  |   1 comments

“To Sin or Not to Sin” that is the question

By   |  July 10, 2010
The Bible it's been said is the history of a God who created us to be with Him in a paradise. Only He gave us freewill and with it we've chosen to separate ourselves from a perfect and Holy God

Living in the Struggle

By   |  June 23, 2010
Have you ever wondered why God has made this life so hard? Not that we in the U.S. even have an inkling of what HARD can be, but that the answers to all of life’s questions seem to be just beyond our reach.

In Whose Strength?

By   |  June 2, 2010
It’s a mystery to me, how God will work in people’s lives differently. For some He immediately calls into a deep life changing transformation and in others it seems to take a long while.

Love Poured Out

By   |  May 28, 2010
We struggle to understand this God who is three in one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three distinct yet not three separate. This Sunday is Trinity Sunday for those who recognize liturgical calendars and for all Christ followers the very concept of the Trinity is core to our understanding of God. Yet who really understands who can really grasp this God that is so far beyond us? I’m left asking myself what does it all mean…how does it change my life and the world around me?

Emotions of the Soul

By   |  May 22, 2010
I listened to a really good sermon the other day entitled “Reviving the Nephesh” by Rob Bell from Mars Hill. I always enjoy Rob’s sermons and this one pI listened to a really good sermon the other day entitled “Reviving the Nephesh” by Rob Bell from Mars Hill. I always enjoy Rob’s sermons and this one particularly grabbed me because I had preached a sermon somewhat similar back in October. I guess it encouraged me that I wasn’t completely off base on the issue?! Rob used Psalm 23 to address the issue where I was a little more analytical trying to understand the ‘Dividing Soul and Spirit’ from Hebrews 4.


By   |  May 7, 2010
I’ve been struggling to write something about prayer this week…maybe it’s because I’m a terrible pray-er. I so easily get distracted that if I try to spend extended time in prayer before you know it I’m making lists of things I should be doing! I’m not sure why that is, is it lack of faith? Is it lack of spiritual maturity? Or is simply a lack of practice, something I just need to practice at?

A Balancing Act

By   |  April 29, 2010
As we enter week four of our series Windows on the Gospel the image of balancing our faith between extremes is coming clearly into view. Last week as we took a glimpse of Martin Luther, we saw that we too readily rely on our own goodness, the works of our hands to justify us before God.

Catching Up

By   |  April 20, 2010
I’m not quite sure how it happened but it seems as if I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing on this Blog and have missed some opportunities. Last week about Friday sometime I reminded myself I hadn’t written yet and thought, “Oh I’ll just finish what I’m working on and then I’ll do it”…and here it is Tuesday!
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