Prayer List - updated June 27th

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Jeannie Edinger, Karen Kinstler, Lela Heineken, Leticia Caudill, Brenda Finney, Mike Graalman, Nikki Saunders, Roger Bame, Luella King, Angela Martin, Carol Green, Stewart Emahiser, Judy Zink, Drew Shaver, Melissa Null, Dave Wehrmeister, Kathy Schreiber,Patti Romesberg, Tina Newman, Charlie Davis, Robin Kipps, Kate Stine, Joe Stacy, Austin Williams, John Park, Melissa Gertz, Larry Beidelschies,  Bennett Tschanen, Liam LaCourseAnn Zimmerman, Ken YambertJanice Tschanen (knee replacement successfully performed on June 22nd), and Judy Prosser (surgery to remove facial cancer successfully performed on June 25th). 

 Added during June 21st Communal Worship:

JOYS: Serenity Notingham's surgery was successful on Friday, June 19th, and she is at home,  Hunter Seaman was excited that his mother's sister and his cousins are moving to the local Tiffin area, and Jeanne VanBuskirk was joyful to be going to her Aunt Esther's 100th Birthday Party after Sunday's worship service.

CONCERNS: The family of Ruben Chavez (Ray Lopez's best friend - passed away heart attack), family of Julia Kingseed (pass away from accident on June 14), Shelby Emerine (blood pressure issues with the baby due on July 29th), Ken Yambert (sprained ankle), and the employees of Tiffin University that were laid-off this past week.


Please contact Pastor Dean at or call the church office at (419)937-2578 if you wish to either remove someone from or include someone in our list.

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