Prayer List - updated December 4th.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

PRAYER LIST: Reverend Bill McDaniel, Bonnie Tiell, Richard Glanz, Leticia Caudill, Carri Breidenbach,  Carrie Nosko, Betsy DeWald, Tina Imbrock, Delores Kinn, Katie Yambert, Dawn Schaff, Jean Mertes, Kate Stein, Patrick Steyer, Dr. Glen Messer, Lori Ferguson, Kevin Reinhard, Judy Prosser, Mary Fry, Amanda (Mandy) Benavides, Pat Guerra, and Joe Stacy.

Joys: Danene's eye surgery went well on Tuesday, and she is regaining some vision in her left eye and Rochel Swartz's daughter Chontay and her husband James adopted Melody this past Tuesday.

Concerns: Brian Coppus has been diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer, Ed Smith is experiencing some pain after his back surgery, Lucy Dundore is in Tiffin Mercy Hospital after emergency intestinal surgery, please continue to pray for Brody Daniel as he now needs a liver transplant, Feix Guerra has had a stroke in addition to his pancreatic cancer and Hospice has been called in, and Denny Hogan has been hospitalized due to complications from an infection.

 Please contact Pastor Dean at or (419) 619-3917 if you wish to either remove someone from or include someone on our prayer list.

Please enable Pastor Dean to share your joys and concerns during our virtual and communal worship services by sharing them with him at contact points listed above. The Holy Spirit is busy working miracles in our lives; let us share our stories of God's blessings with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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