Prayer List - updated October 2nd.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

PRAYER LIST: Reverend Bill McDaniel, Bonnie Tiell, Richard Glanz, Leticia Caudill, Carri Breidenbach,  Carrie Nosko, Betsy DeWald, Craig Illig, Tina Imbrock, Dave Duncan, Delores Kinn, Austin Williams, Katie Yambert, Dawn Schaff, Jean Mertes, Kate Stein, Judy Prosser, Isabella Baker, Patrick Steyer, Dr. Glen Messer, Brody Daniel, and Joe Stacy.

JOYS: Jori Ferguson's surgery was successful this past Friday, Abby Ringle (Heather Kreh's niece) gave birth to Liam Michael (6 pounds and 13 ounces at 20 inches) this past Wednesday, Barb and Dan Saunders as well as Barb's mom Dorothy are all okay after sitting out Hurricane Ian in Florida, and Tim Heiserman is doing well and getting stronger after his latest case of COVID-19.

Concerns: Please pray for Kirt & Meilan Thallman as their journey of faithful serving the LORD God takes them to Lexington (Ky) Chinese Christian Church (LCCC) as Kirt co-pastors the flock, all those impacted by Hurricanes Fiona & Ian, Nick Reinhard's uncle Kevin Reinhard who is awaiting a heart procedure, and Nikki Vitt.

 Please contact Pastor Dean at or (419) 619-3917 if you wish to either remove someone from or include someone on our prayer list.

Please enable Pastor Dean to share your joys and concerns during our virtual and communal worship services by sharing them with him at contact points listed above. The Holy Spirit is busy working miracles in our lives; let us share our stories of God's blessings with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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