Prayer List - updated May 28th

Sunday, May 28, 2023

PRAYER LIST: Leticia Caudill, Carri Breidenbach, Betsy DeWald, Tina Imbrock, Delores Kinn, Jean Mertes, Lucy Dundore, Kevin Reinhard, Janice Tschanen, Sandy Lehner, Luella King, Brody Daniel, Laura Hall, Laverne Ruth, Terry Vitt, Larry Dunson, Rev. Bill McDaniel, Randy Sanner, Scott Hall, Sharon Miller, and Carol Reisner.

Joys: Austin’s (Ed’s grandson) passing out was due to an infection that antibiotics were able to treat; the Hopewell Loudon softball team won regionals and is going to the state tournament; Drew Shaver's graduation party yesterday and seeing the church family there; and James Durant (Pastor Dean’s brother) will celebrate one-year of sobriety on Thursday, June 1st.

Concerns: Please pray for Chad Acton (Steve & Connie’s son) and his unit from Fort Campbell, Kentucky that have been deployed to Romania in support of Ukraine; Hospice has been called in for Mary Belle Heiserman; last week’s pain treatments for Ed Smith’s back have not been effective in reducing his discomfort; and on Wednesday, May 31st, Brain Coppus will be undergoing an extensive chemo treatment.

 Please contact Pastor Dean at or (419) 619-3917 if you wish to either remove someone from or include someone on our prayer list.

Please enable Pastor Dean to share your joys and concerns during our virtual and communal worship services by sharing them with him at contact points listed above. The Holy Spirit is busy working miracles in our lives; let us share our stories of God's blessings with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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