May 28 Announcements

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Announcements for May 28, 2023

 Today’s altar flowers are provided by Dan Pelton.

We will be offering blood pressure checks in the coffee room today after the worship service.

Next Sunday is Bascom’s Memorial Day celebration including the Lions’ Chicken BBQ at Meadowbrook, the Memorial Day Remembrance program at the cemetery and the 2:00 p.m. Bascom Memorial Day Parade.

There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board with details if you are willing to help out with the preparation of potato salad for the Memorial Day Parade.

Registration for VBS is now available on our website at You may also pick up a registration form outside the sanctuary and return the completed form to the office.

For VBS, we are in need of some egg cartons and some spray bottles that have a “stream” option. Also, if you have any pet laser pointers, handheld mirrors, small flashlights, a set of working walkie talkies or a fog machine we could borrow, please put your name on them and bring them in. We will be sure to get them back to you. Thanks!

There is still time to add your name to the list of Vacation Bible School volunteers! Please let Lori Clay, Nick Reinhard or Pastor Dean know if you would like to volunteer.

Please see the flyer on the Narthex bulletin board for First Steps “Spill the Tea” fundraiser on Friday, June 9th.

The Lead Discovery Team will be holding a second informational meeting after our worship service on Sunday, June 11th. Their goal is to discuss what they have learned regarding the ongoing disaffiliations within the United Methodist denomination.
This Week’s Birthdays and Anniversaries

May 29:   Mike Prosser, M/M Greg Park
May 31:   Jeremy Edinger, Jay Frankart
June 2:    Adalyn Sheehan, M/M Kirt Thallman

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