Prayer List - updated December 3

Sunday, November 12, 2023

PRAYER LIST: Leticia Caudill, Carri Breidenbach, Betsy DeWald, Tina Imbrock, Delores Kinn, Jean Mertes, Kevin Reinhard, Sandy Lehner, Brody Daniel, Laverne Ruth, Terry Vitt, Larry Dunson, Candy Hall, Laura Hall, Rev. Bill McDaniel, Angie (Thallman) Rohen's friend Courtney Kourtney, Jacqueline Freeman, Faye Whetsel, David Edinger, Will Reisner, Sue Brickner, Jarrett Smith, Ed Smith, Judy Prosser, John Constance, Dan Newman, Michelle Steinmetz, Jim Bell, Helen Kinney, Carol Reisner, Brian Coppus, Kylee & Callahan Price, and Richard Dundore.

JOYS: An opportunity to shine Jesus’ light to the greater community has presented itself. Pastor Dean will be attending a meeting on LifeWise Academy this coming Tuesday. 

CONCERNS: Jim Bell (Heather Kreh’s stepdad) has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer; prayers for the family of Edna Mae Pessell (Janet Main & Sandy Earl’s aunt) who passed away November 25th; Kenney Thallman who had a procedure to remove a blood clot from each of his lungs on Saturday, December 2nd; the family of Ruth Souder who passed away on Saturday, December 2nd; and Jeanne VanBuskirk’s sciatica issues continue as she is scheduling a neurologist appointment.

Please contact Pastor Dean at or (419) 619-3917 if you wish to either remove someone from or include someone on our prayer list.

Please enable Pastor Dean to share your joys and concerns during our virtual and communal worship services by sharing them with him at contact points listed above. The Holy Spirit is busy working miracles in our lives; let us share our stories of God's blessings with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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